It not possible to race well if you never ride in a big pack

A leader. There a reason why he was captain of the New York Rangers, why they had success there, and why we had success in the two years he been here. There a reason we signed him to a long term deal, because to push us forward, we needed more of the Ryan Callahan type.

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Riding in a pack happens for several reasons it more efficient, it allows for training for races, and it makes one a better and safer rider. It not possible to race well if you never ride in a big pack. Having said that, there is also no reason a big pack can be aware of motorists and skinny up when cars are coming to allow passing.

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Modern free agency is underwhelming. Some have unrealistic expectations for free agency when the reality is no team in the league is taking another teams top pair D man in free agency and Stamkos was never leaving Tampa. If you follow the NHL Green, Vanek, and Nielsen were always solid additions for the Wings..

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Yeah unfortunately when Dems had control of both houses and the Presidency precious little progress was made because some Dems take money from oil, fracking and even coal. The false argument/excuse made by Yellow Dogs is that anyone whose not anti climate change wouldn win in those areas of the country. In contrast, the facts show that many moderates and even some conservatives are willing to vote for ppl on popular issues like Medicare for all, greater privacy from companies and the government, Bernie style trade agreements and climate change (because many ppl see how fracking is wrecking their water or are tied of the oil smells etc.

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